Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Damn That Ravelry!

Perhaps if I didn't spend so much time on Ravelry I'd actually get some knitting done.

Panel 2 of Sudoku is almost finished. I only have nineteen rows left... What's taking me so long? Oh yeah.. That damn Ravelry.

Three Cornered Shawl in Clover Leaf Pattern is still sleeping. I'm missing some stitches and because I'm stupid and don't believe in lifelines, it takes me about an hour to undo one row of knitting.

I really want to start the Hanami Stole by Melanie Gibbons, but I promised myself I wouldn't buy the yarn until I've finished Panel 3 of Sudoku.

Back to knitting I'd like to see if I can get five rows finished before bed.

Goal: Finish Panel 3 of Sudoku before Monday.

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