Monday, February 26, 2007

1,248 Stitches

Yesterday I cast on 624 stitches not once but twice. My mother and I went to Rosie's Yarn Cellar on Saturday where I bought some lovely Jaggerspun Zephyr in an aubergine color. I have about 2300+ yards to work on a shawl from Victorian Lace Today. I'm in love with the the Three-cornered shawl in clover pattern and am determined to knit it.

The first time I used the loop cast-on as suggested in the book. Well I've never liked that cast-on and this did nothing to change my mind. The second time around, I used a cable cast-on which made it much easier to begin the first row. However while knitting the first row, just before I reached the middle marker I lost about 10-15 stitches and could not get them back on the needle in any way I liked.

Tomorrow will be 1,872 stitches and counting. Perhaps I'll try a crochet cast-on, just for fun.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

You have new Picture Mail!

Bramble Leaf Scarf with French Trellis Border

Lace on Cat

More Lace

I recently finished knitting the
Bramble Leaf Scarf with French Trellis Border from Victorian Lace Today. Interesting stitch work and lots of fun to knit. I had never done a knit on border before and loved it.

No. 10 Crochet Cotton - Ecru
Size 2 Needles.