Monday, April 27, 2009

Spanish Peacock

I've started Spanish Peacock from A Gathering of Lace. It is one of the charts shown in the back of the book in the gallery section. This is really a pretty easy pattern. I'm using Addi Turbo US 7 Lace needles I moved my marker at the beginning of the rounds listed below to prevent the pattern from spiraling.

Round 23: 1 stitch to the left
Round 24: 1 stitch to the left
Round 28: 2 stitches to the left
Round 30-45: 1 stitch to the left
Round 46: 1 stitch to the right

On most of the rounds, the first stitch knit will be knit again at the end of the round to complete sl2kpsso. After completing sl2kpsso I placed my marker on the right hand needle and then went on to work the first stitch on the left hand needle. For the rounds where the marker only needs to be moved 1 stitch to the left, it is not necessary to move the marker further. On round 28 I knit the first stitch on the left needle and then placed the Marker.

READ YOUR KNITTING!!! I only give this pattern a medium rating because it is not necessarily intuitive to everyone that the marker needs to be moved on certain rounds, otherwise it would be very easy. The stitches are not difficult and in fact the pattern gets boring pretty quickly.